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The heart of Splish is our founder, Matt Walsh. His passions are spending time with his family and being an active thought leader in the wellness & hospitality industry. His drive to help others mixed with more than 18 years of luxury spa, salon & hotel experience makes him a force to be recognized. Matt has had the privilege of working with hundreds of products, ingredients, and professional therapists. He picks his Splish team wisely and mentors each member like family. Just like each ingredient, each individual was chosen with careful consideration and for a reason. The entire Splish team takes great pride in providing the industry with the highest quality products, backed by science to ensure results. 


We are The Professional’s Choice when it comes to producing luxury products for the hospitality, wellness, and sports industries. Our products include the Splish Naturals spa line, featuring high-quality products for spa, and our Splish Naturals Sport line, which caters to anyone who lives an active lifestyle or is struggling with/experiencing pain. Our CBD wellness line includes only the highest-grade CBD Isolate, which guarantees 0.0% THC present in all of our unique blends. The CBD used in our exclusive line of wellness products is derived locally in Colorado from the finest industrial hemp. Third party tested for impurities and to ensure 0.0% THC content, it is manufactured in small batches using CO2 extraction methods, preserving the overall quality of the oil without introducing any unnatural chemicals. If you'd like to see batch-specific percentages, just scan the QR code on the product box!

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Matt Walsh has worked with industry brands such as Ritz-Carlton and Vail Resorts, and has led thriving businesses, opened new facilities, and been an invited guest speaker at events including ISPA, Americas Beauty Show, World Beauty Show, and American Spa CBD Summit.

Upon being introduced to the benefits of CBD, Matt was determined to utilize his background and expertise to develop high-quality products to serve the spa, wellness & hospitality industries. Splish was founded with a mission to ensure only the best ingredients are expertly blended with top-grade CBD isolate to enrich and enhance treatments while ensuring safety for Spa professionals and their clients. With a desire to educate other professionals, Matt is proud to have the opportunity to connect and expand access to trusted CBD products along with other athlete recovery products within the wellness and sports industries.



View our Ambassadors HERE

Splish Naturals Sport Ambassador Meghan

My name is Meghan and I love adventuring in the
beautiful outdoors! My favorite sports are backcountry
snowboarding and mountain biking. I love the exercise of
skinning up a steep grade to descending in beautiful
powder lines down the mountains. There is also nothing
like the thrill of going downhill on your mountain bike. Fast
paced and thrilling, mountain biking is a new and favorite
sport of mine. I also enjoy hiking to summit beautiful
mountains, rock climbing, and backpacking so I can sleep
under the stars. My favorite Splish product is the Deep
Relaxation Oil. I use this oil almost nightly when I am
winding down from a busy day and getting ready for sleep.
This product pairs well with one of my other favorite

activities: having a glass of wine by my fireplace. The Deep Relaxation Oil provides me with a relaxing evening for my body and muscles to recover so I can go out and enjoy all my favorite activities and adventures again. It’s incredibly effective in giving me an amazing night’s sleep, and it smells amazing!

Splish Naturals Sport Ambassador Larrenzzo

As a Model, Actor, Entrepreneur, Author, and Athlete
Ambassador for Splish Natural, I have never used a product that
allowed the recovery at such a fast velocity of time than the
products from Splish Natural. I am a Premiere Rugby player
where I played for the Oregon Sharks Premiere Academy and
now play for the Dallas Premiere Rugby Club. There are a lot of
hits the body takes during my journey of 5 years of Rugby.
During my High School career, where I was going back-to-back
seasons of transitioning from Football to Rugby for 3 years
straight, it took a strong toll on my body but with the help of
Splish Naturals Sport Box which acquired their very own
Formula - E Anti - Inflammatory, Formula #6 Muscle Spray, the
100% Plant Based Sport Balm, Game Day Spray. And lastly their
Muscle Relief Spray got me back running at 100% again! I met
Matt Walsh at The Rugby Showcase event in Denver, Colorado

where the altitude is brutal, and the air seemed thin and non-breathable. Matt specifically pulled me aside
and informed me to apply the Sports Balm onto my chest which opened my lungs and got me back on the field
in no time. Splish Natural even gave me a gift basket as I returned home to continue to use the products and
to this day, I still use them. As I've been an ambassador for multiple brands, Splish Natural showed me the
most hospitality, presented me products with the utmost confidence, and even went out their way to send me
FREE products as a gift of my commitment to the brand. Splish Natural has the best products I have ever used
during my career as an Athlete, and I plan on continuing my career as an Splish Natural Ambassador and so
should you!

Splish Naturals Sport Ambassador Jamie

Hi, I'm Jamie and I live in the mountain town of Frisco,
CO. Living in this beautiful place, I spend my time
snowboarding, running, hiking, paddle boarding, golfing
and anything else that enables enjoying the fine offerings
of mother nature. I also love yoga and practice several
times a week to stay grounded.

Because of my wide range of activities, I love the wide
range of products Splish has to offer, I could never pick
just one favorite! I start each yoga practice with
Grounding Solution, I use Foot Remedy at bedtime, and I
love Formula E for sore muscles and joints after a more
intense run or day of snowboarding.

Splish Naturals Sport Ambassador Matt

Hello, my name is Matt, and I am an adventure sports athlete.
From the hardest pitches climbed, to the bone jarring rock gardens
of a downhill trail. Skinning for the objective of a lifetime, then
riding it. The inevitable slam. For each of them, I recover with
Magic Balm. Sore toes from those tight climbing shoes, knees and shoulders that are shaken and achy. Hamstrings and calves used and abused, I just rub on a little where I need it, and it works like Magic.

Splish Naturals Sport Ambassador Kwon

Hello, my name is Kwon and I’m a Senior at Mount St Mary's
University who plays for the Men's D1-A Premier Rugby
Team. Prior to attending The Mount, I served four years in the
United States Marine Corps as Supply and Fiscal in Support of
the White House Military Office.

I began playing rugby while serving in 2016 and quickly fell in
love with the rugby community's competition and
camaraderie. After being offered the opportunity to continue
playing rugby, I joined the local Senior Club and began to train
and compete at various levels of competition, including a cap
with the 2019 All Marine 7s Team against the British Royal
Marines Commando.

I have a big heart and am always looking for ways to better
himself so that I can help those around me. I hope to
continue this path of helping my community and those
around me after graduation by establishing a nonprofit

Fun Fact – My favorite Splish Product is Formula #6 Muscle Relief Spray. “I apply to my legs and shoulders
after practically every contact workout. In minutes, it eases muscle tension and aids decompression.”

Splish Naturals Sport Ambassador Deiontrez

As a former NFL football player, I wish I had known about Splish
Naturals while playing in the NFL. I am now the founder of Mount
Up Media. A video production agency located in Tampa, Florida;
I’m a father and I’m also an ambassador to Splish Naturals Sport. I
love both the Magic Balm and the Rejuvenation face oil. For me,
working out is a must and anytime I push myself just a little too
hard, I know that Splish has my back. And their face oils are to die
for. Even my young son loves when I apply the oil to his face. We
love the Splish lineup of products. They are crafted perfectly for
the athlete or anyone who is living their best, active lifestyle.

Splish Naturals Sport Ambassador Rachel

Hey y’all my name is Rachel, and I was first introduced to Splish
Naturals about a year and half ago. My first product was a tester for
what became Formula #3, which to this day is my favorite and go
I am constantly using it on my knees and hips after long runs,
mountain biking, skiing, and snowboarding. Formula #3 soothes my
immediate pain and helps me be able to relax at the end of day and
sleep through the night without constantly rolling around in
discomfort. The best part is it gets me up so i can do it all over again
the next day.

Splish Naturals Sport Ambassador JC

Hi, I'm John Champion but my friends call me J.C. I've been living in the Colorado Rockies since 2018 pursuing adventures in
snowboarding, mountain biking and even a little skateboarding. I
had been using other CBD products for a while now but started
using Splish 2 years ago to help alleviate pain swelling and
inflammation and noticed a massive difference in both how fast it
kicks in and how long each application lasts.

My favorite combination is to apply the sport formula E to problem
areas before an activity and then using the Formula 3 compound
after intense activity/minor injury.

Splish Naturals Sport Ambassador Noah

Hey, my name is Noah and I’m in love with everything extreme in the outdoors ranging from intense mountain biking up and down the steepest terrain, climbing the highest head walls on cliffs and in
canyons, to dropping beautiful lines on mountains snowboarding and skiing. The easiest way to describe myself would be as a very
ambitious multi-adventure sport athlete. Just being outside pushing
my body and mind to the limits I find peace, clarity, and tons of
enjoyment! When I am constantly working and stressing my body so
much my go to remedy is Splish Naturals Formula E! With its natural
anti-inflammatory nature, it really helps keep me pushing myself and recovering for the next adventure!

Splish Naturals Sport Ambassador Lara

My name is Lara, I am a former semi-elite triathlete turned adventure
athlete. My passions include rock climbing, mountain biking, skiing,
and long-distance trail running. I’ve traveled all around the world and
have experienced many cultures while learning and perfecting sports.
When it comes to high impact endurance sports, my go-to for muscle
and joint pain is Formula 3 for its inflammation relief and cooling
properties. As a performance athlete most of my life, i have tried
many different products, but none worked nearly as well as the
Splish Naturals line.

Splish Naturals Sport Ambassador Katy

Hi, my name is Katy and I live in Spokane Washington. I'm married
and a mother of twenty-two-year-old twins and have always led an
active lifestyle. I currently enjoy snow skiing, running, hiking, walking
my English Lab, gardening, and sailboat cruising/racing.  Being so
active and a practicing Dental Hygienist for over 30 years, I rely on
Splish Naturals products to help me keep doing the things I love. Not
only are the ingredients superior for relieving aching muscles and
joints but I also find the texture and scents unbeatable compared to
other natural health products. My favorite product is Magic Balm and
I use it to soothe my neck, back and shoulders after a hard day at
work or a long hike.  It's soothing scent also acts as an aroma therapy and helps melt the stress away.

Splish Naturals Sport Ambassador AJ

Hello, my name is AJ and I’m a homegrown talent born and raised in
the Philippines; an artist living in Miami, who has performed
professionally in the Philippines, Hong Kong and on London’s West
End has spent the past few years touring the world as a singer and
dancer with Celebrity Cruises and the Royal Caribbean Group. Having
now produced and staged my own solo headliner show - a personal
milestone, I spend most of time travelling and kindling my passion for
connecting with diverse global audiences. Further, I also work as an
entertainment choreographer for Celebrity Cruise Lines.

Something personal about me, I am very much active in life, love to
cook, bake, play piano and guitar and I have tons of energy and I
really like working out and going to the gym and it’s part of my

routine every day hence my love and need for Splish Naturals Sport products to help with my recovery and
aches and pains. I’m a huge fan of the Formula #3 Sport Balm and the Formula M Game Day. Both help reduce
joint pain and muscle cramping.

Splish Naturals Sport Ambassador Mike

Based in Half Moon Bay, California. I have been the Recreation Manager at the
Ritz-Carlton, Half Moon Bay for 8 years. My interest includes mounting biking,
hiking, kayaking, and anything else that keeps me outdoors. My favorite Splish
Naturals products include Magic Balm, Formula #3 Sports Balm, Entourage
Balm and Formula-E. any of these keep me going, especially when I push
myself a little too hard.

Splish Naturals Sport Ambassador Chrissy

Hi! My name is Chrissy, and I am a trail runner based out of Colorado.  I am currently working on taking my trail running to the next level and just PR'd my 50K at the Dead Horse Ultra and finished under top 25 women.  I am currently training for the 2023 Leadville trail 100, which I was lucky enough to qualify in the silver rush 50 miler lottery in 2022. 

In my free time outside of trail running I enjoy skiing, camping, and hiking with my friends.  My boyfriend and I also have a goal to finish all the Colorado 14ers which I'm at 43 of the 58. I love the Splish Naturals CBD products and honestly rely on them so much for my recovery.  I love the formula #3 Sport Balm for muscle aches and anything inflammation related.  Even head aches and tooth aches, this balm clears it up!  It's absolutely amazing.  My next go to would be the CBD oil.  I take a daily bath and add the concentrate oil to it. It literally takes any soreness away and keeps me fresh for my next training session.

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