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About Us


Say Hello to Splish Naturals

Your Safe and Natural Source for

Whole Body Wellness!

Founded in 2019 amidst the breathtaking landscapes of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, Splish Naturals was born from the vision of Matt Walsh, a former spa professional. We take pride in curating an array of exceptional wellness products for athletes that blend third-party tested CBD and potent plant extracts to provide relief from pain and inflammation. 


We offer a wide range of THC-free CBD products that cater to a diverse range of individuals and their needs. This includes professional athletes, first responders, and everyday individuals seeking whole-body wellness. Whether it's for easing aches, soothing pains, or ensuring restful nights, our carefully crafted products have you covered.


Our CBD products for athletes are also tried and trusted by spa professionals, physical therapy practices, and beyond. With a proven track record and a growing community of satisfied customers, Splish Naturals has become the go-to brand for spa enthusiasts, sports enthusiasts, and everyone in between.


Take a look at our lines of holistic, wellness products and experience the power of nature to elevate your well-being. You can also subscribe to our Secret Formula page for exclusive discounts and exciting updates!

Support for the Athletic Community & Beyond

U.S. Open Pickleball Championship

Surfside 7’s Rugby Tournament

Atlantic City Pickleball Open

Go-Pro Mountain Games

Seaside Classic Pickleball Tournament

Run to Change Lives Race Series

Delray Beach Pickleball Open

Birds of Prey World Cup Downhill Ski Races

Lifetime Fitness Leadville Race Series

TMG International Grammy, Emmy, and Academy Award Luxury Beauty Box Sponsors

World Rugby Showcase

And more……

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