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Splish Naturals creates effective, functional blends that also include carefully selected essential oils and terpenes, which increase product efficiency and ensure beneficial treatments.

Essential Oils Concentrated extracts with active compounds provide aroma and benefits from anti-aging and blood flow stimulating, to metabolism and immune boosting. Splish’s unique blends incorporate more than 10 essential oils including Marjoram, Frankincense and Arnica.

Terpenes Found in essential oils, terpenes are the naturally occurring organic compounds that carry medicinal benefits and aromas. Splish's expert team includes a proprietary blend of terpenes in our products, which provide natural anti-inflammatory, pain relief, relaxation and stress-reducing properties.


The CBD used in our exclusive line of wellness products are of the highest quality, containing 0.0% THC and is derived locally in Colorado from the finest industrial hemp. Third party tested for impurities and to ensure 0.0% THC content, it is manufactured in small batches using CO2 extraction methods, preserving the overall quality of the oil without introducing any unnatural chemicals.