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Attention Weekend Warriors!!!

Author: Bryan Ogle


stay in your game wellness warriors.


Weekend warriors, which I consider myself to be, take training as seriously as our lives will allow knowing our time is limited to focus on recovery, nutrition, and other aspects of competition. In most weeks, it feels like a victory to check off all the workouts prescribed by coaches. 


Late in 2022 I came across Splish Naturals and its Formula #3 Sports Balm. Like most things I try my normal expectations are not high to start as there are many things I have tried and most find their way to the trash. Splish was not one of those. I was pleasantly surprised and continue using the product to this day.


3 things stand out to me which I feel are worth mentioning:

1.     The product is natural and as such I feel good about using it. It smells good and I can feel it working. Not sure how this happens, I just know that it does. 

2.     My recovery is accelerated. The soreness from a really difficult session seems to subside quicker when I use the product vs when I don't. This holds true for using the product after a very intense competition as well. 

3.     Application is easy and can be very targeted. It sounds like this would be an assumption, but being able to apply the sports balm directly onto the affected areas is fantastic. You know where you are feeling sore and can address the area directly. It works differently than massage guns or other methods of recovery.


At the end of the day, everyone is pressed for time whether they be a professional athlete or weekend warrior with professional life. Finding something like Splish Natural's Formula #3 Sports Bam has been great. I recover faster, eliminate soreness quicker, and feel better. These things combined enable me to be better in both my professional life and athletic endeavors.

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