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Helping Your Hero?

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Heal your hero with all-natural products

Many programs for heroes stop at recognition – the act of calling attention to the heroic act. However, the opportunity exists to go beyond recognition and take some steps that will help a hero.

In the same manner that the act of recognition of a hero goes so far beyond simply having a hero, the act of helping a hero is a great step beyond recognition.

The act of heroism by the hero in placing the interests of others ahead of their own commonly results in some physical, financial, or reputational loss. Helping a hero recover from these losses represents an obligation that everyone should share.

So, how can you help?

A simple way is to identify one of the many well-established programs that serve to help your hero. Your help may take the form of a donation or volunteering your time. This approach may allow you to have the greatest impact by leveraging the great amount of investment already made by the organization and program you choose.

You may find a local, national, limited scope program by simply using the keywords of ‘help’ or ‘helping’ and heroes. You will find household name organizations as well as solo person projects that help heroes. As a word of warning, there are, unfortunately, bad people who are scamming people trying to help heroes. Before writing a check or giving up credit card information, check out these organizations. One way to do that for nonprofit organizations is GuideStar – which collects and publishes information on charities. A review of this information may confirm your choice or point you to a different organization.

In some cases of heroism, there is no established group to aid the hero. When such a situation presents itself, you may be creative. You may take the lead or team with others to organize support for the hero. This action may take the form of starting a new charity, extending the scope of an existing corporate social responsibility (CRS) program, or having your own business ‘adopt’ a hero with a custom support program.

There is always more that can be done.

If not sure where to start, ask your hero how you can help.

The Splish Naturals Heal Your Hero Program within its newly launched Reg CF equity crowdfunding campaign seeks to recognize heroes and popularize heroic actions and also to give back. Each investor in the crowdfunding campaign is given an opportunity to make a gift of Splish Naturals products to one or more heroes of their choice. These gifts can help the individual reduce any pain or inflammation that they may be experiencing.

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For more information on the Splish Naturals’ Heal Your Hero program, click HERE Splish Naturals, founded in 2019, is a leading player in the natural health industry, offering a range of products designed to alleviate pain and inflammation in a natural and effective way. With a focus on high-quality, scientifically backed solutions, the company is committed to promoting healthier living and making a substantial social impact. hero; all-natural; crowdfunding; Pain relief

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