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Recognizing Your Hero?

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Recognizing Your Hero
Recognizing Your Hero?

Author: Karl Dakin

Having a hero may be a source of inspiration. However, the extra step of recognizing a hero serves to call attention to the hero and to their heroic actions. Without such recognition, the actions of the hero may go unnoticed.

There is an old joke that goes like this. “If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, does it make a sound?” The response is, “Yes, but it needs a new PR agent!”

Without recognition, the benefits of the heroic acts are limited to those who are aware of the acts. With recognition, the acts are elevated to become a subject of public admiration. This creates a cascade of positive consequences.

Splish Naturals seeks to achieve this outcome in its ‘Heal Your Hero’ program within its newly launched Reg CF equity crowdfunding campaign. Splish Naturals would like to popularize heroes and their heroic actions.

Each investor in the crowdfunding campaign is given an opportunity to make a gift of Splish Naturals products to one or more heroes of his or her choice. Once the investor selects a hero, the chosen person is notified and asked for permission to publicize the gift. If permission is received, then Splish Naturals will issue a press release and social media posts for everyone to see. In addition, the hero’s name will be listed on the Splish Naturals website in its Heroes Hall of Fame and on a duplicate list on the crowdfunding platform.

Recognition increases the sense of well-being of the investor making the gift.

For heroes, public recognition creates a sense of a job well done. It’s a well-deserved ‘atta boy’ or ‘atta girl’. The hero did not do their good work with the goal of receiving praise, but it is appreciated.

This week the Red Cross recognized eight heroes from the Central Savannah River Area (CSRA) for “their acts of courage, compassion and community impact. It is truly moving to hear the stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things in our community. Each of this year’s honorees has an inspiring story and has made a lasting impact in our region,” said Susan Everitt, executive director of the Augusta-based unit of the Red Cross.

As stated in the Red Cross story, the hero’s recognition inspires others with their work. A person learning of the heroic act may select that hero as their hero or cause them to select their own hero. It is expected that recognition of heroes through the ‘Heal Your Hero’ program will cause an ongoing cascade of hero recognition giving us hope and making us proud of our communities.

The telling of the story of a hero makes for a ‘good news story’. The news story “Ohio police officers recognized as ‘heroes in blue’ after they rescue residents from blazing house fire” has a positive impact on everyone who reads it.

Those investors in Splish Naturals who operate businesses and retail Splish Naturals products may find great intangible value in being a character in a ‘good news story’. The association of the brand of the investor with the story of the hero increases public awareness and a positive feeling toward the investor. Within the crowdfunding campaign, investment packages for retailers create the opportunity to make multiple gifts – each one with the potential for a high-value ‘good news story.’ The actual value of the ‘good news story’ may far exceed the investment price per gift.

For more information on the Splish Naturals’ Heal Your Hero program, click HERE Splish Naturals, founded in 2019, is a leading player in the natural health industry, offering a range of products designed to alleviate pain and inflammation in a natural and effective way. With a focus on high-quality, scientifically backed solutions, the company is committed to promoting healthier living and making a substantial social impact.

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