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Selecting a Hero?

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Heal Your Hero

Karl Dakin

September 27, 2023

So, you don’t have a hero. So what?

Within the ‘Heal Your Hero’ program of Splish Naturals’ newly launched Reg CF equity crowdfunding campaign, we ask each investor to identify their hero and make a gift of Splish Naturals products to that person. Splish Naturals seeks to elevate the concept of heroism by enlisting the support of its investors. The gifts are included in the price tag for the investment packages. The greater the investment amount, the more gifts that an investor may make.

At the start of the campaign, I found that I, myself, did not have a hero.

I tend to consider most entrepreneurs as heroes. In their work to bring a new product or service to market to make the world a better place, they typically experience hardships. I think their willingness to face these challenges is heroic.

In my usual fashion, I jumped on the Amazon website and searched for books on the topic of heroes and heroism. I purchased a couple of books written or edited by Scott Allison. The less expensive book - The 12 Functions of Heroes and Heroism – points out the many benefits of having a hero and the even greater benefits of recognizing that hero.

I then started Google Alerts as an Internet search tool on the topic of ‘heroes’. This revealed that one-third to one-half of the news on heroes in today’s media is about Marvel or DC comic book heroes in movies or video games. Since Splish Naturals products serve to reduce pain and inflammation of people, I can quickly rule out comic book or other fictional characters. It also rules out artificial intelligences. If they are injured, they don’t spend time in the hospital or rehab.

This information helped me start setting my criteria for the kind of person I may select as a hero, but I found myself still seeking guidance in the selection process. I found an article in the Heroes Forum entitled How to Choose Your Hero which I found very helpful. No surprises, but who is your hero is a personal choice. The Charles Harper article states: “The ancient Greeks said, "Tell me who you admire, and I'll tell you who you are." So, my hero candidates include classical heroes (members of the armed forces, first responders, and others who regularly risk life and injury to protect me and my community) and ‘everyday heroes’ who act for the benefit of others, placing their interests ahead of others and their community ahead of their own. This includes people who take on physical, financial, and reputational risks to help others.

I would like my hero to be inspirational. I see this as a person of high accomplishments, whatever their chosen action. This raises another question of whether a person is measured by their efforts or their outcomes.

I would like my hero to be someone who I can follow so that their ongoing actions keep me motivated to be a better person. This suggests someone local to Denver and Colorado, but the Internet gives me much greater possibilities.

It would be nice if my hero were someone I already know. I think this may give me the opportunity to talk with them and get some insight as to how they think and what motivates them to make an impact in their community.

Using these criteria, I may look for an impact entrepreneur or impact investor. In either case, I have work to do. I will be served in my search to develop a profile, much like I use to target investor candidates in my Motivated Money Method. Using a profile accelerates my search by enabling the use of keywords and looking within impact organizations where my hero may participate.

My task is clear. My search has started. Hopefully, this article will help you in selecting your hero.

This is the third in the series of articles to answer questions about heroes. · Article #1 - Who is a Hero? · Article #2 - Who is Your Hero? · Article #4 - Recognizing a Hero? · Article #5 - Helping a Hero?

For more information on the Splish Naturals’ Heal Your Hero program, click HERE Splish Naturals, founded in 2019, is a leading player in the natural health industry, offering a range of products designed to alleviate pain and inflammation in a natural and effective way. With a focus on high-quality, scientifically backed solutions, the company is committed to promoting healthier living and making a substantial social impact.

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