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Ski Patrolling - Not For the Weak

Ski Patrol, CBD, Splish

ski patrol, CBD, Splish, Pain relief

Ski Patrolling is by far one of the most physically and mentally demanding jobs out there, but also the most rewarding and fulfilling - in my humble opinion. This is my 9th year in the Ski Industry, but my first year in Ski Patrol. Through the various positions I have held during my career, from Lift Operations to Snowmaking, Guest Services to Lift Maintenance, Hospitality and now landing in Ski Patrol, I have used Splish Naturals in my day-to-day life to help me recover, relax, and rejuvenate. Since starting in Ski Patrol, I have used Splish products more frequently and in a routine to help me through my day and to get ready for the next.


The Job

We as Ski Patrollers are the heroes of the hill, the Samaritans of the snow, the guardians of the glades, (Keystone Ski Patrol). We work to deliver the best experience to our guests on the hill, whether it be helping them with an injury, opening fresh terrain, or simply conversing with them. We work outside, in the cold, snow, wind, or sunshine. Day and night, holidays, and weekends, you will find us out on the hill working hard to ensure YOU have the best experience skiing, snowboarding, or other fun ways of recreating. Find us skiing in variable conditions pulling ropes and putting up pads, running toboggans down steep, icy, and mogul pitches, and mitigating closed terrain for the most safe and desirable skiing experience. No two days are ever the same in Ski Patrol. We work hard, we have fun, and we, like all others, need recovery space after a long and cold day out on the mountain.


My Day

I wake up at 6:00am. Turn on my coffee, some relaxing misc, and get dressed. I lather up my shoulder with Formula Eevery morning as I am still recovering from a previous injury. Once at work, my uniform goes on, I pop into my skis, and I take two very cold chairlift rides up to the top of the mountain. Once the mountain opens and the day really kicks off, my work responsibilities vary from going to an injured or ill guest, helping the team with trail projects, or taking a free ski somewhere. My legs, to say the least, are used a lot. They get tired, they burn, they are in ski boots all day, you name it. My arms, well, they also get tired. From carrying tools and supplies, to feathering toboggans that can weigh anywhere from 70-350lbs, to skiing some of the deepest snow I may see all season, my days are full of life and energy but when they are over, I am ready to lay on the couch and watch brainless TV. Once I am home, I grab Formula #3 and lather up my knees, my legs, and my shoulders. I sit down, put on my shows, or read a book, and sometimes I fancy a glass of wine. Once I am ready for bed, I grab my Deep Relaxation Oil and apply that to my temples, behind my ears, and the bottoms of my feet. I lay down and fall soundly asleep and will wake up the next morning ready to go for another day of Ski Patrolling.


My Body

Being in the mountain operations realm of the Ski Industry means your daily job can be very physically demanding. It does take a toll on your body. As I progress through my workday, and my work week, I feel my body inching closure to desiring downtime, relaxation, and recovery. My evenings are spent focusing on rest for myself, so I am ready to go back to work, or ready to go on an adventure for my weekend. My body is in full action 6 out 7 days a week. Away from Ski Patrolling, I go on adventures and keep the action going. I go ice climbing, backcountry skiing, snowboarding, and I enjoy the occasional trail run just to keep up. Needless to say, my body gets sore, it gets tired, yet I still thirst to keep pushing myself and to keep myself moving. Since I Patrol on my skis, my knees have felt a little weak, a little shaky, not as strong as they used to. Any time I ski in deep powder, I feel my thighs burn as I navigate through the snow. When I am taking patient down in a toboggan, or carrying a toboggan back up a chairlift, I feel my shoulders ache. When I am not skiing, I am standing or walking around, feeling my lower back become tired and sore.  With all that, my feet are in ski boots with no break for 10 hours a day. Phew!


How Splish Helps

I truly don’t believe I could Ski Patrol, or live the lifestyle I live, without Splish Naturals. These products are extraordinary and absolutely essential for my relaxation and recovery.


Formula E - I use this on my previously injured shoulder. Since I injured my shoulder, I have used this product religiously. This product is the perfect massage balm to help with joint, tendon, and ligament recovery. When my shoulder is feeling extra sore, I will combine the Formula E with the Formula 6 Muscle Spray for an extra push in feeling better.


Formula #3 - This product is my go-to for sore and achey muscles that are just feeling tired and need an extra boost to reach recovery. This product helps reduce muscle pain. With its tingly sensation, you can feel this balm doing its magic the moment you put it on your recovery area. I enjoy using this product on my knees, thighs, and lower back to help those muscles bounce back into action.


Deep Relaxation Oil - This product is my absolute favorite Splish product. I use this daily. Whether I am stressed, needing sleep, or just simply want to relax, I put this product on to help get the job done. This oil truly helps me sleep solidly through the night. It brings peace and serenity to my mind and puts all my thoughts at ease. It’s the perfect way to rest my brain, not to mention it smells incredible.


As a Ski Patroller, I work long and hard hours. Through all the thick and thin of the job, it is the most amazing, and best job in the world. I am so incredibly lucky to work in such a beautiful place. I get to ski, and get to help people, and I truly feel like I get to make a difference out on the mountain. My passion lies here, and I am so grateful that I have Splish Naturals products to help me through my winter season.

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