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thank you heros
thank you heros

The "Heal Your Heroes" program is a key initiative by Splish Naturals, designed to recognize and support "everyday heroes". Here's an overview of the program based on the information from the provided documents:

Concept of a Hero in the Program:

  • Definition of an Everyday Hero: The program focuses on everyday individuals who exhibit acts of courage, kindness, or selflessness. These heroes are often found in ordinary roles but go above and beyond to positively impact others or their community. They embody qualities like compassion, empathy, resilience, and integrity.

  • Examples of Heroes: They can be teachers, healthcare workers, volunteers, parents, neighbors, or anyone making a significant contribution to society's well-being.

Main Features of the Heal Your Heroes Program:

  • Investor Participation: The program is part of Splish Naturals' equity crowdfunding campaign. Every investor has the opportunity to gift Splish Naturals products to a hero of their choice. This gesture aims to help heroes with pain and inflammation reduction.

  • Business Collaboration: Businesses interested in recognizing and helping heroes can collaborate with Splish Naturals to start their own recognition programs.

  • Community Impact: The program aims to create a positive social impact by acknowledging the efforts of everyday heroes and providing them with natural health solutions for pain and inflammation.

  • Expansion Goal: The capital raised from the crowdfunding campaign is intended to help Splish Naturals expand its operations, thereby boosting local employment and contributing to the local economy.

The Role of Splish Naturals' Products:

  • Product Range: Splish Naturals offers a variety of products, including topical balms, sprays with botanical extracts like CBD, therapeutic grade essential oils, and food-grade terpenes, compression sleeves, and Rejuvenation P.E.M.F. mats.

  • Intended Benefits: These products are designed to alleviate pain and inflammation in a natural and effective manner, aligning with the program's goal of helping heroes in their wellness journey.

Impact and Reach:

  • Recognition of Heroes: The program emphasizes the importance of recognizing heroes in our lives and communities, inspiring others to acknowledge and support the positive changes these heroes bring.

  • Enhanced Community Engagement: By involving investors and businesses in the program, Splish Naturals aims to strengthen community ties and create a ripple effect of well-being and resilience.

The "Heal Your Heroes" program embodies Splish Naturals' commitment to fostering healthier living and making a substantial social impact, leveraging their product range to support the well-being of everyday heroes in the community.

If you are ready to recognize your HERO, then please click on this link HERE.

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