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Stay in Your Game & Reduce Pickleball Related Insurance Claims

use Splish Naturals products to help reduce insurance costs.

Splish Naturals can be a valuable asset for both pickleball players and insurance companies, mainly due to its focus on natural pain and inflammation relief products. Let’s explore how each can benefit:For Pickleball Players       

  1. Injury Prevention and Recovery: Pickleball, like any sport, comes with a risk of injuries and muscle strains. Products like Splish Naturals’ balms, sprays, and PEMF mats can help in quick recovery and reduce inflammation, allowing players to return to the game faster.       

  2. Enhanced Performance: Regular use of these products could potentially enhance athletic performance by alleviating muscle soreness and improving recovery times after intense games or training sessions.       

  3. Natural and Safe Solutions: Pickleball players often prefer natural remedies over synthetic drugs for pain management. Splish Naturals’ emphasis on natural ingredients makes it an attractive option for health-conscious athletes. 

  4. Flexibility in Use: These products can be easily applied before and after games, during training sessions, or as part of a daily wellness routine, offering versatility to the players.

For Insurance Companies

‍How pickleball is impacting the health care system.

A spike in injuries from pickleball’s surge in popularity is driving up medical costs, possibly to the tune of a half billion dollars, according to a new report.

Why it matters: Pickleball is the nation's fastest growing sport— but it comes with a few unintended consequences.

Zoom in: Pickleball injuries are creating $250 million to $500 million in medical costs annually, UBS analyst Andrew Mok estimated after assessing data from the Sports and Fitness Industry Association and studies about the sport.

The impact: The pickleball-induced sprains, strains and fractures to wrists and legs are contributing to the spike in treatments that have sent shares of health insurers plunging this year.

  • 80% of the costs are for outpatient treatment, while Medicare is picking up 85% of the tab, with more than 8 in 10 Pickleball patients over 60 years old, the UBS analyst estimates.

Report: Pickleball injuries could cost Americans $500 million this year. Again, as the fastest growing sport in the nation, it’s not just pickleball’s popularity that is rising. Injuries related to the game have also increased, along with the associated health care costs. This is especially true among older Americans, according to an analysis by the bank UBS.

Splish Naturals Solution       

Cost-Effective Health Management: Promoting the use of natural wellness products like Splish Naturals may reduce the need for more expensive medical interventions, such as surgeries or long-term pharmaceutical use.

Enhanced Customer Wellness Programs: Insurance companies can include Splish Naturals products in their wellness or preventive care programs, potentially leading to healthier lifestyles and fewer claims. 

Supporting Alternative Therapies: As there’s a growing trend towards alternative therapies, insurance companies can stay ahead by recognizing and supporting the use of products like Splish Naturals.

Reducing Long-term Healthcare Costs: By aiding in quicker recovery and possibly preventing chronic pain conditions, Splish Naturals can help reduce long-term healthcare costs for insurance companies.

Partnership Opportunities: Insurance companies can collaborate with Splish Naturals for tailored programs aimed at specific sports or wellness goals, aligning with the rising trend of personalized health care solutions.In summary, Splish Naturals can support pickleball players in their performance and recovery, while also offering insurance companies an opportunity to enhance their wellness offerings and potentially reduce healthcare costs through natural, preventive care solutions. 


The analysis predicts pickleball will lead to 67,000 trips to the ER, 366,000 outpatient visits, 8,8000 outpatient surgeries, 4,700 hospitalizations and 20,000 post-acute episodes, Forbes reported.

Pickleball could be a major culprit in injuries leading to an increase in people using healthcare services—news that caused big health insurance companies’ shares to fall this year—according to UBS analysts, who released a note Monday estimating Americans will spend between $250 million and $500 million in costs tied to pickle injuries this year.

Splish Naturals products can assist reducing injuries or can help expedite recovery times and therefore reducing the cost of insurance and medicare claims.

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Interesting take on pickleball and the increase in injuries. Like most other things there is the reality that some folks will not consult with their healthcare provider in starting something around physical activity and/or the increase in activity aggravated something already existing. Either way there will be an increase in medical costs, but the upside is more folks are becoming active because of it. Only the future knows what will come of this.

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