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The Game-Changing Health and Recovery Benefits of the Splish Naturals Rejuvenation Mat for Pickleball Players

Splish, holistic PEMF Mat

Splish, pickleball, holistic healing

As we all know, Pickleball, has been a rapidly growing sport combining elements of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong and has gained immense popularity for its fun, social nature, and the physical benefits it offers. However, like any sport, it demands physical exertion, which can sometimes lead to muscle fatigue, pain, or even injury. The Splish Naturals Rejuvenation Mat has been a game-changer in this regard, and when combined with the Splish Naturals Rejuvenation Pillow, it offers a comprehensive recovery and wellness solution for pickleball players and enthusiasts.

The Science Behind the Mat

The Splish Naturals Rejuvenation Mat isn't just another recovery tool; it's a confluence of science and wellness. This mat provides four distinct modalities to address inflammation, pain, healing, cell regeneration, and relaxation:

1. Pulse Electro Magnetic Field (PEMF): This technology enhances the body's natural recovery process, stimulates and recharges cells, improves athletic performance, and reduces inflammation and pain.

2. Far Infrared Radiation (FIR): FIR therapy is known to reduce inflammation, improve circulation, speed wound healing, boost Vitamin D levels naturally, and improve overall mood.

3. Negative Ion Generation: This modality helps neutralize free radicals, revitalize cell metabolism, enhance immune function, and promote deep sleep.

4. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS): TENS provides effective pain relief for various conditions, including arthritis and fibromyalgia, and helps reduce the intake of pain medications.

Splish Naturals Rejuvenation Mat comes in two sizes, full-size and a seated (portable) size. You can also pair the Rejuvenation mats with our Rejuvenation Pillow, a high-quality, gemstone pillow with substantial benefits on its own.

Why Pickleball Players Need the Rejuvenation Mat

Pickleball can be intensive, involving swift movements, quick directional changes, and repetitive use of specific muscle groups. This can lead to muscle strain, joint stress, and overall fatigue. The Rejuvenation Mat offers a multi-faceted approach to recovery, catering to the unique needs of pickleball players: The combination of the Rejuvenation Mat and Pillow addresses these issues holistically

Reduced Recovery Time: The PEMF technology accelerates the body's natural healing processes, helping players return to the court faster.

Pain Management: With its ability to reduce inflammation and pain, the Rejuvenation Mat is a boon for managing post-game soreness or chronic conditions exacerbated by physical activity.

Enhanced Circulation: FIR therapy improves blood flow, crucial for healing and recovery.

Mental Well-being: The negative ion generation not only aids physical wellness but also improves mental health - an essential aspect of any athlete's life.

Improved Sleep Quality: The negative ion generation from the Mat and the calming effect of the Pillow’s gemstones promote deeper, more restorative sleep.

Mental Clarity and Focus: The Pillow’s gemstones like Amethyst and Sodalite enhance mental clarity, crucial for maintaining focus during games.

Integrating with Training: Incorporating the Rejuvenation Mat into training routines can potentially enhance performance and prevent injuries.

Holistic Approach: The mat's diverse modalities suggest a shift towards holistic health management in sports.

Longevity in the Sport: Regular use of the Rejuvenation Mat could contribute to a longer, healthier pickleball playing career, by maintaining joint health and muscle recovery.

Versatile Use: Both the Mat and Pillow can be integrated into daily routines, whether post-game or for general relaxation.

Long-Term Health Benefits: Regular use can lead to long-term health benefits, including improved joint health and reduced inflammation.

Amplifying Mat Benefits with the Rejuvenation Pillow

Introducing the Rejuvenation Pillow into this recovery regimen amplifies these benefits. This pillow is infused with semi-precious gemstones, each chosen for their unique healing properties that help enhance mental clarity, reduce stress, soothes and calms, promoting peace and tranquility after an intense match, aids in circulation and overall wellness.


For pickleball players, the Splish Naturals Rejuvenation Mat is more than just a recovery tool; it's an investment in their health, performance, and overall well-being. By integrating this mat into their routine, players can expect not just quicker recovery and pain relief, but also an enhanced quality of life both on and off the court.

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