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Who is a Hero?

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

heal your hero

September 25, 2023

The definition of a ‘hero’ is central to the newly launched Reg CF equity crowdfunding campaign of Splish Naturals.

From my perspective, there are three kinds of heroes:

· Comic book, fantasy, and mythical heroes

· Classical heroes (armed services, police, and first responders)

· Everyday heroes

Everyone is familiar with comic book heroes that fill the movie screens. These characters, both perfect and imperfect, are commonly gifted with supernatural powers or costumes making them different from you and me.

Classical heroes place their lives at risk to protect all of us from foreign enemies, criminals, fires, and other disasters. We can’t have enough of these heroes.

‘Everyday heroes’ are all around us. These people commonly act for the benefit of others, placing their interests ahead of others and their community ahead of their own. This includes people who take on physical, financial, and reputational risks to help others.

The Splish Naturals’ Heal Your Hero program arose out of its desire to help that portion of its customers who were seeking relief from pain and inflammation commonly arising out of their job duties. Most of these ‘heroes’ were police, firemen and veterans. As a small business, Splish Naturals simply does not have the resources to give away its products to all these worthy people. It was decided to expand its capabilities by asking investors to foot the bill for these gifts.

In its crowdfunding campaign, in addition to receiving common stock, free products, and discount coupons, each investor may gift one or more products to a hero of their choice.

Initial planning attempted to define a ‘hero’ who might receive a gift through the Heal Your Hero program. Scholarly works by Allison and others were studied. Every possible definition of a hero seemed to leave out people who are doing great work in our communities. So, it was decided to leave the definition to the investor. They may choose a classical hero or they may choose their 5th-grade teacher, the volunteer at the local food bank, or anyone else who has inspired them through their achievements.

With a working definition of a ‘hero’, more questions are raised:

· Who is Your Hero?

· Selecting a Hero?

· Recognizing a Hero?

· Helping a Hero?

Each of these questions will be addressed in additional articles within this series.

For more information on the Splish Naturals’ Heal Your Hero program, click HERE Splish Naturals, founded in 2019, is a leading player in the natural health industry, offering a range of products designed to alleviate pain and inflammation in a natural and effective way. With a focus on high-quality, scientifically backed solutions, the company is committed to promoting healthier living and making a substantial social impact. Hero; all-natural; crowdfunding; heal your hero

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