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Capital Campaign

Splish Naturals, renowned for our line of natural health and wellness products designed to alleviate pain and inflammation, is proud to announce the launch of our 'Heal Your Hero' program. This initiative is a critical component of our upcoming capital campaign and is dedicated to giving back to the heroes within our communities.


Why We are Raising Funds


Splish Naturals is preparing for high growth. To enable this growth, it needs to build its brand leading to new sales. In addition, it needs to strengthen its supply chain as it sources ingredients and packaging materials from across the world.

Watch our Investment Opportunity Video

Watch what separates our Crowdfunding Campaign from ALL Others!!

Our Offers


To raise the capital we need, we are reaching out to our customers and offering

‘Super Deals’.


We have crafted two offers to consumers who use our products for pain and inflammation reduction.


We have crafted two offers to retailers who combine our products with their services in spas, fitness centers and physio clinics.


Each offer includes a combination of Splish Naturals products, discounts on future purchases and equity ownership in Splish.


In addition, each offer enables investors to make a gift of Splish Naturals products to a hero of their choice within our Heal Your Heroes program. 

How to Invest

Are you interested in being a part of the Heal Your Hero movement and owning shares in Splish Naturals at the same time? Then all you need to do is click HERE to be redirected to our Crowdfunding Platform, hosted by our partner, Equity Vest and for all the details of this extraordinary offering and opportunity.


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