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I have been a massage therapist for the past 25 years, and a Professional Massage Therapist in an upscale Spa for the last 6 years.  Splish is not just another CBD product to me.  From the high-level quality of ingredients to the dedication and implementation of staff and their working knowledge for product design, Splish Products are unparalleled!

I am also a mother of four adult children.  The use of Muscle Relief on a day to day basis for general back and neck issues for family has been key.  For my college athletes, use on compromised knees and ankles has provided much relief, reducing inflammation and bringing back movement on these over used joints.  The product is extremely effective and efficient!



Massage Therapist

The Ritz-Carlton


Makes all the Difference

We have used a number of different CBD Balms but this one has made the greatest difference in impacting my Dad's involuntary leg muscle contractions.. Thank you Formula #3


Awesome Product

Have used Formula #3 on the soles of my feet to assist with the burning sensation and it is amazing.



This product is LEGIT!! I use it on my inner wrists and ankles before going to bed and WOW, it really helps me to sleep so deeply. Thank you SPLISH for creating this product, Deep Relaxation!


A GREAT tool to Have

Definitely helps to soothe and calm the pain and I love that it has a warming feel to it. I'll be using Formula #3 Sport Balm on my massage clients when they need something extra to help reduce their pain.


Sport Balm

Love this sports balm. works instantly to relieve pain but the best part is the smell. Love all the essential oils in this product.


I’ve been in love with and involved with SPLISH since inception. Watching it grow to the premiere, all-natural spa product company that incorporates high quality and THC Free CBD has been exciting! I use in my private practice with rave reviews and soon to be introduced at my Spa in NorCal. Crafted in small batches and using only the highest quality ingredients, makes this my choice bar far! 



Massage Therapist

The Ritz-Carlton


I have been using Splish products personally and professionally for close to two years now. As a Certified Massage Therapist, I have “experimented” with a number of massage oils and creams. But Splish CBD products are superior. The Magic balm and oils are most effective in providing relief for my clients. Just a little mixed with my carrier oil, has a great effect in reducing inflammation and helping my clients get even a greater sense of relaxation and comfort in stiff or injured muscles. Since I was seeing such great results with my clients, I realized this could be helpful outside of massage. My teenage daughter has anxiety and we found that rubbing a little on her feet at night, helps relax her brain so she can stop overthinking. The essential oils used to create the scents are top of the line and my daughter says she feels calmer after using the Grounding Solution. Splish Naturals is a quality company with high grade products. No short cuts taken, or cheap ingredients used to make these outstanding CBD products.


Diana M

Certified Massage/ Neuromuscular Therapist

Mom of 2 teens 


“I personally have used several Splish Natural products for several months.   The Muscle Relief Product used with the Magic Balm has provided amazing pain relief on my lower back and arthritic knee.   When I am congested, I rub some Magic Balm into my neck with a dab under my nose and I breath freely in a short amount of time. We have several bottles of Splish Hand Sanitizer in the office.  My clients and staff love how the oils prevent dried and chapped hands while disinfecting and contributing to a safe office setting.”


Mike G

Integrity Wealth Consultants, Inc.

Founder/Certified Financial Planner


I have been using Splish products for the past year on my back and feet and legs. I am an avid runner and I have degenerative disc disease in my lower back. The Entourage Balm, mixed with a pump of Muscle Relief CBD oil gives me instant and long-lasting relief, especially after long runs.  


I also have peripheral neuropathy that affects both feet, ankles and my lower left leg. A thin layer of entourage balm helps keep my feet from bothering me when I run. Afterward, I use the Magic Balm for additional relief on my feet, but also on any sore muscles. This helps take the edge of from the pins and needles pain that I suffer from with the neuropathy. 


Splish products have helped give me a better quality of life, whether it’s during or after running, while sleeping and just normal day-to-day well-being!


Wade A

John Paul Mitchell Systems


Loving the Splish Natural products. The combination of Entourage Balm and Muscle Relief have really helped my Achilles after long hikes and the Magic Balm is amazing for that targeted, spot relief. The Deep Relaxation is also truly remarkable. I am usually a good sleeper but after I used Deep Relax I fell asleep much quicker. I highly recommend your products to help people ease their aches and pains away or help them get the sleep they deserve.


Christine H

Outdoor Enthusiast & World Traveler


Whether you are a longtime fan of CBD products and their benefits or are just discovering CBD's magical properties, Splish Naturals sets the bar high!  As a spa director, I am not only impressed with Splish's quality ingredients but also with the 'spa like' packaging.  Splish has a line of CBD products that my spa team loves to use on themselves as well as during their guest's treatments.  Since we have brought Splish onboard as an enhancement for our services, we have seen an average of 15% of our massage services upgraded with Splish, so not only is it a wonderful product to work with but it has shown a major return on investment.


Cindy M

Spa Director

Your Magic Balm saved my life with all the air travel I do!


Molly B

“Molly’s Game”


I LOVE your products; they have helped me sooooooooooooooooo much.


Online Customer


Guest: I’ve never felt so great!

Therapist: Glad you enjoy using the Theragun!

Guest: Actually, I’ll thank Splish CBD; that S*** is MAGIC


Sense Spa, Rosewood Hill Guest


Feeling a ton better and wanted to reach out with an update. I’ve used the products three times a day and am feeling a lot better and hope to be doing activities real soon. I haven’t taken a pain pill since using Splish products.


Thanks to Splish products helping with my recovery, I am off on the first mountain biking trip since my injury. Thank you Splish for getting me back on the bike!!



Mountain Biker


I had the worst acne and facial redness I have ever experienced in my life. Splish Naturals Rejuvenation Face Oil calmed my skin and cleared up my face by at least 80% after nothing else helped!





Splish saved my feet this weekend having to wear heels during the Miss
Colorado pageant, which is I rarely, if ever wear. It was like walking on air! Thank you Splish!!



Miss Colorado Beauty Contestant


I would like to share my experience using an all-natural product that has helped ease my aches and pains from delivering hundreds of boxes and other packages daily. I have been driving and delivering for UPS for 20 years. During a routine pickup from a customer, I happened to be aching considerably and the customer shared with me a couple of products that his company produces that would help reduce my aches and pains. Within minutes of applying one of the products, my pain had disappeared, and I was able to get on with my day, pain free. I have now used and shared this company’s products with my wife and friends who have all had the same experience. The products are all-natural and safe, and the company is Splish Naturals; my name is Larry Adams, located in Summit County, Colorado. I recommend these products to every UPS driver and beyond if you’re looking for a natural alternative to ibuprofen or worse.



UPS Driver


I’m suffering with plantar fasciitis from playing pickleball and have tried every possible solution and then I found Splish Naturals Sport line and their Formula #6 Muscle Relief spray. Well, I can tell you, this is the BEST product ever for plantar. Problem solved. If you are looking for an all-natural solution to plantar then you must try this product which also comes in a roll-on as well. Oh, it’s also amazing for muscle pain!! Thank you Splish!!



Let me start by saying that I rarely submit reviews or comments on products, but in regard to Splish's line of natural sport and recovery products, I feel compelled to share my personal experience.


As a physician and surgeon, I admit being discerning if not skeptical of the myriad Wellness products on the market today; however, that is not the case when it comes to the Splish line. I have been surprisingly pleased with the effectiveness of every product that I have used thus far.


As a very active sports enthusiast whose 65-year-old body requires more attention and maintenance than ever, several products have become indispensable to my daily routine.  Specifically, the Formula 3 Sport Balm, Formula 6 Muscle Memory Spray, and Formula M Sprays are standouts, and in particularly painful or overworked areas the Formula T transdermal patches consistently bring about quick and reliable relief. I would add that my massage therapist and I love the Formula E Massage Balm.


Finally, given my background, it is reassuring to me that the incorporated ingredients and formulations are rational and firmly science based."  


Ophthalmic Surgeon and Consultant


When I first was introduced to Splish I was skeptical. But I saw some athletes in an event I was covering trying it so I decided to give it a shot. In my very first application I applied it on persistently sore muscles from my regular workouts at the gym. I was pleasantly surprised at the conspicuous and relatively quick manner in which the soreness melted away. That led me to try it on my plantar fasciitis in my left foot. And sure enough, it helped ease the pain from that as well. I have since discovered its versatility in helping relieve headaches, promote healing and even aid sleep. Count me as a big believer in this product. I will be a Splish Customer for life!



TV and Radio Sportscaster

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