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Hero of The Month

Hero of the Month

Welcome to our Hero of the month page. Each month we will recognize a nominated hero through the Splish Naturals,

Heal Your Hero program.

We are excited to share their story and spread hope, happiness and as much positiveness as we can possibly share.


Hero of the Month

Say hello to Riley Westman. Riley was nominated by one of our Heroes, Britt for his selfless and hard work in the field of ski patrol at Keystone ski Resort. Here is his story. Congratulations Riley and thank you for all you do!

I’m Riley Westman, I have been an EMT Ski Patroller at Keystone Resort for the past 5 years. I got into ski patrolling as a way to help people and try to find a noble purpose in life. As well as skiing a ton which I love. My other hobbies include ultra trail running, and baking the best sourdough in Summit County. My goals are to live a happy life and be the best person I can be. 


Being recognized as a hero is a hard feeling to put into words. I appreciate being thought of in such terms, but at the same time I feel a sense of imposter syndrome. I guess it goes to show that anybody can make a positive impact in the world as long as you do the best you can with good intentions, even if you have self doubt. I’m grateful for the honor.

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If you would like to recognize your hero, please click HERE and we welcome the opportunity to recognize your hero and to share both your story and your hero’s.

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