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Hero of The Month

Hero of the Month

Welcome to our Hero of the month page. Each month we will recognize a nominated hero through the Splish Naturals, Heal Your Hero program. We are excited to share their story and spread hope, happiness and as much positiveness as we can possibly share.

Splish Hero Kwon

Hero of the Month

Say hello to Kwon Dailey. Kwon is being recognized as a hero by Matt Walsh for all the work he puts into his non-profit, Enitor. Here’s his story and please visit the Enitor web site HERE.

Kwon Dailey, a U.S. Marine Veteran with four years of active duty, supporting in the White House Military Office at MCAF (Marine Corps Air Facility) Quantico. Following his service, while supporting Federal Contracts and pursuing a Bachelor's in Business Management at Mount St. Mary's University, Kwon founded Enitor, a 501(c)3 nonprofit mentorship and consulting organization dedicated to guiding young adults toward independence.


Enitor focuses on professional and personal growth, job-seeking assistance, and investment opportunities, especially for those in the DC and Mid-Atlantic region. Kwon says he was inspired by the community support he received during his formative years. His experiences early on fueled his passion for ensuring that the next generation of young adults has access to the same level of guidance and support.

The sport o rugby is written into our articles as a way to directly impact underserved communities in the region at a level not usually considered. Fairfax County and DC schools typically don’t allow students to participate in rugby, we could go on for days about, but simply put our American Sports will always take priority. 


With incorporating rugby and the community that it brings into our foundation, we can now interact with organizations supporting these student athletes and not only get them involved in a healthy way, bring them opportunities from our networks of Govt contractors, IT professionals, sales etc. 


As for our collaboration, we’re actively promoting Splish items among the athletes we sponsor, showcasing the unity between natural wellness and athletic performance. Additionally, we've committed to the "Heal Your Hero Campaign," and are gearing up to nominate a local hero for April or May. I’m also happy to say when we announced this via our Instagram story the code “SPLISH20” generated a few numbers and clicks as well and some earnings.

Thanks again for this recognition, brotha. I look forward to continuing our impactful collaboration. It really means a lot to have had your support from day one. 


Much love always!



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If you would like to recognize your hero, please click HERE and we welcome the opportunity to recognize your hero and to share both your story and your hero’s.

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